2022 General Budget

Projected Income


2022 Building Expenses - $89,790

Building Expenses include mortgage on our building, insurance, and utilities.

Staff Salaries - $263,930

COS employs 4 full-time and one part-time staff members.

Support Staff - $33,950

Support staff include custodians, nursery workers, mowing service, accounting services, and contribution to the EMC denomination.

2023 Ministry Funding - $150,000

Last year COS  started putting money aside and being cash positive for all our non overhead expenses. This budgeted item would go towards 2023 operational, ministry, supplemental and debt reduction.
 *see below for 2022 non-overhead budget.

2022 Full Funded Budget


This budget was fully funded in 2021, and is to be used as designated below.

Operational - $27,450

Operational expenses include janitorial supplies, general maintenance, office supplies, cafe supplies, and operational technology.

Ministry - $40,250

This includes all ministry teams, serving areas, and leadership development.

Supplemental - $17,500

Supplemental items are things that help us do ministry better. This includes office supplies, technology improvements, building furnishings, advertising, etc.

2022 Big Projects - $50,000

There are some big projects that need to be taken care of in 2022. Some of these items include electricity and sidewalk for storage shed, bigger a/v upgrades, and operational door systems.