Our Mission

COS exists to lead people to discover a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ, and develop as His follower.
Our Model
When it comes to talking about our model for ministry we take our queue from a story located in Acts chapter 8:26-38. Around COS you will hear us talk a lot about the 2 characters in this chapter. These 2 characters have come to represent our hearts desire and illustrates what we believe our mission to be.

The first character in this passage, we have come to affectionately refer to as “Ethan.” Ethan is a seeker. He is the one who has had some kind of awakening in his life and sees the need for a relationship with God. He has all kinds of questions and is looking for a place or person to give him some valid answers. Ethan is the person who may be a bit different than most church people, in fact, may be quite unwelcome in many circles.

Philip is the second character in our story. He has been around church for a long time and has a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. He cares about the people God cares about, he comes along side of Ethan, begins where he is and simply points him to Jesus. Philip is there the whole way helping Ethan make  decisions about Jesus and take next steps. At COS we want to be a church where people like Ethan can discover a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ and develop into a dedicated follower like Philip.

Our  Values

God's Word is our Authority

- The Bible is God’s word to us, so we can know Him.
- God’s word instructs us on how to live individually and as a community.

It's all about Jesus

- Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave to save us from our sins and connect us to God.
- Jesus changes lives, and we will point people to Him.

Grace is for Everyone

- We are all sinners in need of grace. Grace from God and grace from others.

Saved people Grow, Growing people Change

- The mark of a Christian is change. Change from the old life to the new life, and change from where I was, to where I am, and where I will be.

Saved people Serve people

- Jesus lived a life of service as an example for the way we are to serve others.

Found people Find people

- It is the call of all believers to share their faith with those that don’t know Jesus.
- It is this call that compels us to invest in peoples lives and invite them into a relationship with Jesus.

You can't Out-Give God

- We serve a generous God who provides for us, so that we can be generous. (2 Corinthians 9:10-11)

We are about the Next Generation

- Our kids and teenagers are not only the church of the future, but they are the church now.

This is a building, We are the Church

- COS is a building and organization where believers come together for one reason. We come together so we can be encouraged and sent out into a hurting and broken world to show it Jesus.
- We believe if you see a need, meet it. If you see a gap, fill it. If you see a pain, fix it.
- Ministry is in your hands.
COS is affiliated with a denomination called the Evangelical Methodist Church. (The EMC is not connected with the United Methodist Church) The Evangelical Methodist Church is a denomination that is committed to taking the good news of Jesus Christ into our communities and around the world.
You can discover more about the EMC by going to emchurch.org.