Building Use Request

If you would like to use the COS facilities located at 1600 W. HarBer Rd. Grove, OK 74344, then please fill out the form. We will follow up with any information and approval.

Small Group Leader Resources

Reading plan and weekly discussion questions for season 1 of The Chosen.
Free resource for small group studies.
Manage your group through Planning Center Groups.
Schedule a time with a COS staff member to discuss your group or leadership.

Promotion Request

If you would like to get your event or ministry promoted on a Sunday, through social media, or any other of our outlets please fill out the form.

We cannot guarantee your request will be accepted, but it will be reviewed and we will do what we can.

All promotions are dependent on schedule of events, schedule of announcements, and staff discretion. Priority will always be given to COS's four main areas of ministry.

The following guidelines have been established to help COS maintain a healthy flow of service.
*General announcements will be made during the welcome moment on the first Sunday of the month, except for special occasions.
*Announcements or ministry highlights made on Sunday must conform to the mission, vision and beliefs of the church.
*Pastor Mike only speaks about ministry items if it is applicable and supports the sermon series.
All requests must be submitted to the Executive Pastor for review and approval.