Small Group Questions and Reading Plan

The small group questions will guide you and your group to discuss Jesus, His followers, and how you can follow Him better.
The reading plan will guide you through the entire Gospel of Luke, and into some key moments that you see in The Chosen show.

Introduction -  Get to know your group

If you are a new group, or have added different members, it may be good to spend your first week just getting to know each other. Eat some food together, and share stories. This will open up your group for later weeks to have deeper and more meaningful conversations.

Small Group Questions:
- What do you think of Jesus?
- If you are a Christian, what is you "Chosen" story? How did Jesus call you, and what was your response?
- If you are not a Christian, what made you decide to join this group?
- How has it been following Jesus?
Spend some time with you group preparing them for what "The Chosen" is. Remember that this show is a portrayal of Jesus and His followers, and what it could have been like. It is not scripture.
Read through these words from the creator of "The Chosen" and share them with your group.
- You can view all of The Chosen Episodes by downloading "The Chosen" App or through multiple sites. You can check it all out here.
- If there are people in your group that would like a deeper study to go along with the videos and discussions. There is a Bible Study book that you can purchase on Amazon or

Week 1 -  I Have Called You By Name

Reading Plan:
Day 1: Luke 1
Day 2: Luke 8:1-3
Day 3: Luke 2
Day 4: Isaiah 43:1-4
Day 5: Luke 3
Day 6:
Day 7:

Small Group Questions:
- Which of the four flawed-but still called characters in The Chosen do you identify with most?
- Do you feel worthy of being called by Jesus?
- What would you say to someone who feels unworthy of Jesus’ love and call to follow Him (like Mary Magdalene)?
- What would you say to someone who is confident in their own goodness or self-sufficiency (Like Nicodemus)?

- What do you need rescued from?
-A difficult perusal history or pain? (Mary)
-Financial hardship? (Simon and Andrew)
-Trying to save yourself (Nicodemus)
-Darkness, addiction, or any other sin? (Mary or Matthew)

-How might Isaiah 43 challenge you to think differently about your situation? And what might it be calling you to do differently?

Week 2 -  Shabbat

Reading Plan:
Day 1: Luke 4
Day 2: Exodus 20:8-11
Day 3: Luke 5
Day 4: Genesis 2:1-3
Day 5: Luke 6
Day 6:
Day 7:

Small Group Questions:
- When it comes to practicing your own Sabbath-day rest, which character do you relate to the most, and why?

-Psalm 46:10 says, "Be still, and know that I am God." How would meditating on God have impacted Mary's healing process? Nicodemus priorities? Matthew's striving? Simon's impatience or confusion?

-Why do you think a time of rest and thinking of God is important?

-Keeping the Sabbath is most obviously marked by not working. But God's primary intention behind the commandment is to spend the day like Mary did -- to enter into His presence. What needs to change in your schedule or in your mind-set to rest the way God intended?

Week 3 -  Jesus Loves The Little Children

Reading Plan:
Day 1: Luke 7
Day 2: Matthew 18:1-6
Day 3: Luke 8
Day 4: Mark 10:12-16
Day 5: Luke 9
Day 6: Deuteronomy 6:4-9
Day 7:

Small Group Questions:
- According to Matthew 18:1-4, what quality do children have that we should seek to emulate?

- What do you think of the warning Jesus gives in Matthew 18:5-6?

- Jesus says in this episode, "You are all very special to Me, and I hope that My next students ask the same questions you do and they listen to My answers. . .And I hope that when the time comes, they will tell others about Me like you have."
- How are you doing following that example of seeking answers from Jesus, and telling others about Him?

Week 4 -  The Rock On Which It Is Built

Reading Plan:
Day 1: Luke 10
Day 2: Luke 5:1-11
Day 3: Luke 11
Day 4: Matthew 13:47-50
Day 5: Luke 12
Day 6: 
Day 7:

Small Group Questions:
- Quote from episode 4:
Eden: "Where is your faith?"
Simon: "What?"
Eden: "You heard me."
Simon: "Faith isn't going to get me more fish."
- What area of your life do you find most difficult to relinquish control of? (relationships, job, future plans . .etc)

-What's your come-to-Jesus store?
I was ______________.
But God ________________.
And now ___________________.

- Following Jesus means recognizing your sinfulness, surrendering to Him, and submitting to Him. What do those words mean to you?

-Explain in your own words why salvation through faith in Jesus is free, but following Him costs us everything.

-What area of your life do you need to leave behind in order to follow Jesus more fully?

Week 5 -  The Wedding Gift

Reading Plan:
Day 1: Luke 13
Day 2: Luke 2:41-52
Day 3: Luke 14
Day 4: John 2:1-12
Day 5: Luke 15
Day 6: 2 Peter 1:1-11
Day 7: Proverbs 30:1-4

Small Group Questions:
- What are your main priorities in your life? Meaning, what things do you spend the most time and energy pursuing?

-The first four books of the New Testament are first century, eye witness accounts of Jesus' three years of ministry, written by guys who were alive at the time. How does knowing that change the way you read them?

-Even in his search for the truth, Nicodemus remained resistant to it. What are some factors that cause people to resist? In what areas of your life and to what degree have you resisted or are resisting?

-Toward the end of the episode, Jesus says to Thomas, "Come with Me and I'll show you a new way to count and measure. A different way to see time." What does that mean, and how does it impact your priorities?

Week 6 -  Indescribable Compassion

Reading Plan:
Day 1: Luke 16
Day 2: Mark 1:40-45
Day 3: Luke 17
Day 4: Matthew 2:13-18
Day 5: Luke 18
Day 6: Matthew 2:11-12
Day 7: 

Small Group Questions:
- Like the Leper in episode 6, some people have radical come-to-Jesus moments. Others experience change in their lives over time. Regardless of how fast or how slow, Jesus always transforms the lives of His followers. What changes has He made in your life? What new things are you hoping still come?

- In this episode, Matthew makes an insightful comment: "Conquest is not simply conquering nations, but imposing a new way of life." In what ways does this describe the people Jesus saves?

-In this episode we see Jesus teaching. When can read many of these teachings in the Gospels. Sometimes we can read right over them, or see them as demands from Jesus, but how did seeing it and hearing it in this episode help you relate to them in a new way?
Do you think it will help you as you read more from Jesus' teachings in the Bible?

Week 7 -  Invitations

Reading Plan:
Day 1: Luke 19
Day 2: Numbers 21:4-9
Day 3: Luke 20
Day 4: John 3:1-21
Day 5: Luke 21
Day 6: Matthew 9:9
Day 7: 

Small Group Questions:
- When we look at the people who interacted with Jesus, sometimes we can relate to their stories. Which character or scene did you relate to, or caught your attention in this episode?

- While faith and reason are not opposites, expressing faith in God invites us to move beyond our finite levels of human comprehension and control. Can you describe a time when your experience with God invited you to move beyond your own capacity?

- Read Matthew 7:24-27       - Think about the different people in this episode. Mary, Nicodemus, Matthew, and Simon. How have their lives been built on sand, or how have they moved and started building on a solid foundation?

- In what ways have you built your house on sand? How have you been building on a solid foundation?

- At one point in episode 7, Simon is worried about creating more problems and burdens for Jesus. Simon's wife looks at him and says, "He's made us His mind about you. He's not going to kick you out of the group."
- Have you ever felt that your past or present struggles would disqualify you from Jesus' love? Can you describe that?
- How does it feel knowing that God accepted you, faults and all, when you chose to accept Him, and try to follow Him?

Week 8 -  I Am He

Reading Plan:
Day 1: Luke 22
Day 2: 1 Peter 1:1-12
Day 3: Luke 23
Day 4: 2 Peter 1:16-18
Day 5: Luke 24
Day 6: John 4:1-42
Day 7: 

Small Group Questions:
- Following Jesus after times mean that we will be lead into new or different things. As Jesus said at the end of episode 7 "Get used to different." Sometimes He will lead us to move, live a different way, change jobs, talk to or associate with people we wouldn't think of normally.
-What new thing has Jesus led you into? Or what new thing are you afraid Jesus might lead you into? (Missions, adoption, ending a relationship, sharing your faith, leaving your job, etc.)

- Jesus said, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick."
- How should this idea (and Jesus conversation with the Samaritan women) drive us to share the redeeming love of Christ with others?

-What kind of things do you think Nicodemus missed out on by not following when others did? Like him, in what ways are you trying to do life in your own strength and in your own way?

- Read through John 4:1-42 as a group.
- Jesus says " But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life."
- How does that describe what Jesus has done in you?
- How did that happen in the samaritan women?