Project 7 2021 Review

COS raised $36,959.16 to be used for ministry partners in 2022


COS contributed 189 shoeboxes and collected 1212 as a community drop of center along with donating $2,185 to Operation Christmas Child.

Community Giveaway

Project 7 donated for the $5,000 for Civic Center rental fees and for purchasing of new toys to give away to children attending the event.
1330 people were served by the giveaway, and were served by 259 volunteers.

Petra's Closet

Project 7 donated $5,000 to Petra's Closet. Petra's Closet was able to provide 28 children with back to school clothes, and 35 children were provided Christmas through the Grove Schools.

Pack Shack/ HELP Center

Although we weren't able to have a Pack Shack event due to Covid restrictions, Project 7 donated $4,000 to the Christian HELP Center to help purchase food items.

Abundant Blessing Center

Project 7 gave a $500 sponsorship for the ABC's Walk for Life event, and also provided snacks and drinks along with 10 volunteers.

Lighthouse Pregnancy Center

Project 7 donated $5,000 to the Lighthouse Pregnancy Center.

Hope Chest Foster Closet

Project 7 donated $5,000 to help this new ministry get started. COS also held a donation only garage sale with all proceeds going toward Hope Chest.

Evangelical Church Missions

Project 7 donated $900 for EMC Missions. $200 was donated for deep water wells, and $700 to general missions.

Meet the Need

$11,956.31 was used to help individuals and organizations with expenses above and beyond budgeted items. These items included snow removal at ABC, help paying off a car for a woman in need, back to school supplies for teachers, helping a young mother whose husband was in the hospital, and many other opportunities. 

Total amount invested in our community and ministry partners - $43,927.23